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Our Story

  • A late evening conversation with a startup founder struggling to find the right talent, flummoxed by people attriting within a few months of joining and drowning in the eternal dilemma of “how do I inspire people to stay inspired?” led us to think about why CEOs have sleepless nights on “simple” things like hiring and training.

  • Large organizations have the resources and money to engage large and mid-size consulting firms, the mid-size and small firms fall back on thinly staffed HR service providers providing localized solutions to complex pain points.

  • So, the three of us connected. Our collective 100+ years of business, strategy, operations and talent consulting experienced specialists envisioned hard-coupling business problems to talent solutions, using virtual resources, in a digital, metric-driven world.

  • We saw the need to determine key success factors in critical talent intervention and change programs delivered using key performance milestones. Today’s digital founders expect results measured through business outcomes and financial impact.

  • Our global presence enables a global reach of diverse talent design & implementation.

  • Our founder friend is now excited to engage us and we are now helping her craft her talent strategy and digitization roadmap.

Our Vision

Our Vision: A leading global talent integrator for better business outcomes.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide talent solutions globally for tomorrow’s workplace.

Our Focus

We see our highest value in impacting small and mid-sized firms across industry verticals

  • Business Excellence

  • Customer First

  • Disciplined Dissent

  • Fairness

  • Going The Extra Mile

  • Honesty

  • Leading By Example

Practices & Offerings

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Leadership Team

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Poornima Siddapur
Chief Executive Officer


An energetic, result-oriented, strategic and performance-focused leader, Poornima has a strong technical/global recruitment leadership background with an ability to grasp, comprehend complex situations and offer effective solutions. A talent solutions pioneer, and a change leader in HCM practices with various IT, telecom, manufacturing, and financial companies, such as NI, FIS, Serco-NA, iGATE, Siemens, GE, and Comcast. She is extremely passionate about people, and has expertise in linking talent needs to meet various business objectives. With a proven track record in building an effective partnerships with business and HR teams, she can recruit and retain top talent with demonstrated excellence in building and leading highly efficient and productive teams during limited resource availability.

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Shyamal Dasgupta
Chief Delivery Officer


Shyamal has been very passionate about impactful top talent identification and induction through most of his 20+ years of career in HR. Starting with architecture and design of HCL Technologies' Senior Management Trainee (SMT) scheme, to blitz-scaling hiring operations in HCL Tech, iGate (now Capgemini), & IBM and now consulting high-growth companies on strategic executive hiring, Shyamal visions the talent roadmap for the position at each stage of the hiring process. The one question at the tip of his mind from job profiling to search mapping/pitching the job to in-demand talent through to final negotiations is, "How do I maximize the value for both client and hire for a long-term, profitable relationship between them?"

Our Differentiators


We deploy world-class technology using niche digital platforms. These integrate with existing ATS/enterprise applications, making hiring more efficient and scalable.


We cover the whole talent life-cycle. We implement end-to-end talent solutions from acquisition to development to analytics, so you know where to find quality talent, how to measure performance and how to retain people.


We collaborate and partner with specialized talent firms for specific industries. We can serve talent needs across different work practices and roles. Our ability to bring together different Talent specialists into a cohesive whole is special.


We engage hands-on. Our experienced leadership team enjoys working with the nuts and bolts of hiring problems. We also equally enjoy designing and testing high-level performance strategies. We love ideating and co-creating solutions with our clients.

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