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Knowledge Graph Expert

Bangalore, India

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

• Develop and optimize search recommendation of search engines to improve the effect of recommendation sorting.
• Use the knowledge graph technique to make data more meaningful to the search
• Develop ML/DL Model for to build the Knowledge Graph.


Service skill requirements:

• Familiar with common machine learning algorithms such as classification, sorting, and deep learning. Be familiar with common feature engineering methods.

• Familiar with the Linux programming environment and have experience in Hadoop/spark or other similar big data platforms

Professional knowledge requirements

• At least five years of experience in any of the following fields: Search Ranking, recommendation system, data mining, and path planning.

• High-quality papers are preferred.

About the Company

We, from Data Platform Group of our Mobile Services India R&D Department are responsible for building various Big Data Platforms like Machine Learning Platforms, Search Platform & Services etc. and end-to- end delivery owner for all the Big Data Services across 50+ countries (Europe, Latin America, Middle East, APAC regions) other than China. The Big Data Services we primarily focus on are Search & Recommendations (Video, Music & Theme applications), Internet Search, Smart Marketing Services, User Categorization, Analytics and BI etc

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