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NAS Data Service Expert

Bangalore, India

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

1. Take charge of NAS and Unstructured data service and build the ultimate product competitiveness for HPC, HPDA, AI, bigdata and data lake application ecosystems.
2. Take charge of ecosystem construction, key requirement identification, key technology planning and layout for NAS and Unstructured data service in HPC, HPDA, AI, bigdata and data lake scenarios, and improve the long-term competitiveness of products.
3. Participate in pre-sales product marketing and technical communication with key customers, and develop scenario-based product solution innovation and design based on customer requirements and application ecosystem.
4. Participate in the after-sales customer application ecosystem survey and design best practices for scenario-based products."


More than 8 years of NAS storage product solution design and development experience. Proficient in service application WorkFlow and key storage requirements and access models in at least two of HPC (oil gas/oil gas/gene/meteorology/CAE/EDA/supercomputing), HPDA, and AI bigdata and data lake scenarios. 

1. Experience in end-to-end solution optimization is preferred.
2. Have an in-depth understanding of the working principles of distributed storage products. Have experience in designing and maintaining distributed storage solution architectures is preferred.
3. Have strong hands-on skills. Be proficient in at least one scripting language, such as Python, Perl, and Ruby, is preferred.
4. Experience in big data, datalake, distributed database, storage product hardware, or network is preferred.
5. Strong problem analysis and resolution skills and teamwork spirit"

About the Company

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