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Unstrcutured Data Service / NAS High End Expert

Bangalore, India

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

1. The Lab head is responsible for all aspects of developing and implementing technology initiatives for NAS and Unstructured data service.
2. The Innovation Lab head is responsible for overall direction of all technology within the India Storage team. This includes NAS, Object, HDFS, Streaming that leverage the Storage solution, products, and our customers.
3. Responsible to communicate and work closely with CTO office; Responsible for Strategic Plan and short & Long term technology directions and innovation, product competitiveness and the marketing alignment of the products. Lead the product strategic planning by identifying / specifying the industry application development trend in the domain.
4. Leading NAS and Unstructured data service product architecture: Complete technology and architecture design, plan and integrate data products to ensure product delivery.
5. As Innovation Lab head, need to lead other experts, Handle Innovation, Technology Collaborations and collaboration with academic organization etc.


[Experience Requirements]
1. More than 15 years of experience in designing NAS and Unstructured data service

2. Experience in leading the design of related major NAS products in the industry and

obtain successful application deployment.

[Professional Capability]:
1. Have professional NAS background knowledge and have a professional and in-

depth understanding of distributed storage systems.
2. Familiar with the architecture and service scenarios of NAS, HDFS, and objects.

Have a deep understanding and industry-leading insights into the current integration

of unstructured data and Data Lake.
3. Have general knowledge of innovation trends in the industry. Have general

knowledge of application scenarios of new technologies such as AI and IOT. Be

able to convert them into requirements and solution features.
4. Master the architecture and solutions of top vendors in the industry. Be able to

output competitive analysis and plan competitiveness. [Special Requirements]

5. Have good analysis and judgment capabilities for industry development trends and identify potential customer requirements in advance.

6. Continuously pay attention to new technology trends and have innovative awareness.

7. Have excellent communication skills and project development capabilities. Be able to communicate with internal teams, partners, and customers.

8. Excellent achievement orientation and team cooperation awareness.

About the Company

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